Advent and Christmas

It is a good idea to come to Iceland even some time before Christmas as Icelanders go in for the celebrations from December 12th  when the 13 Yuletide Lads (Door-slammer, Spoon-licker, Meat Hook, Candle Beggar, and others) arrive from the mountains bearing food and gifts. On December 4th the lights are lit on a large Christmas tree at Austurvöllur Square in the city centre. In Iceland, Christmas is very important and is celebrated everywhere in society; families, friends and work colleagues make the season special by having Christmas parties, baking cookies and drinking Jolaglogg, which are some of the Icelandic traditions. Decorating homes, windows, balconies and gardens with electric lights is very popular, making the whole city look like a giant Christmas tree! Visitors can enjoy an Icelandic Christmas dinner at some of the best restaurants in Reykjavik, tasing delicacies such as Hangikjot (smoked lamb served with potatoes, vegetables and a white sauce) or Rjupa (Icelandic Ptarmigan).